Are you drowning in HR documentation? Here’s your solution…

As a business grows in size, it also grows in complexity. That means more staff, more admin, more documentation – and more HR headaches.

Just think – for every employee, you need to keep track of:

  1. Employment agreements and offer letters.
  2. Emergency contact details.
  3. Pre-employment documentation, such as DISC profiles, psychometric testing, ACC screening, drug and alcohol screening.
  4. COVID-19 records.
  5. Induction documentation relevant to each role.
  6. Any temporary or permanent variations to hours or pay.
  7. Performance review and remuneration review information.
  8. Leave requests.
  9. Absenteeism issues, disciplinary issues, and other challenges with employee conduct.
  10. 90-day trial check-ins.
  11. Training records, training plans, and when any certification expires.
  12. Exit interview information.

That’s dozens and dozens of documents – for each and every employee. And they all need to be perfectly filed so they’re accessible at a moment’s notice.

How do you even keep track of so many HR documents?

Not only are there vast numbers of documents to manage, but they all need to be stored securely as they contain sensitive personal information.

Manually filing all these documents, or keeping track of information in spreadsheets, no longer cuts it when your business reaches a certain size.

What’s more, it’s not practical to rely on one person’s knowledge to be able to access these documents. What happens if your HR manager is away, and there’s an emergency?

There are additional challenges if your organisation is spread across multiple sites, or you have staff working remotely.

Here’s your solution: EMS Hub – HR software that puts you back in control

EMS Hub is HR software that’s been designed by our team of HR professionals at ConsultingHQ. We’ve been working first hand with SME businesses for over 25 years, and understand the challenges you’re up against. EMS Hub software stands for Employee Management Solutions. It’s designed for SME business owners, as well as HR professionals, to put hours back in your day and automate key processes. As well as saving a huge amount of admin time and hassle, there are also tools to boost employee engagement and productivity.

And because EMS Hub is cloud based, it’s accessible from wherever you are. It’s secure – and even has powerful reporting features built in, to give you insights like never before. Find out more about EMS Hub.


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