Manage performance problems, restructures, terminations, and other employee issues the correct way

There are important processes to follow when it comes to managing employee issues: this module will help you navigate this minefield.

Let’s be frank: dealing with employee issues is the perilous end of HR management as there’s so much risk involved. Whether it’s employee misconduct, employee conflict resolution, poor job performance, disciplinary procedures, deployment, restructuring, redundancies, terminating employees, mediation guidance, or managing unsuccessful 90-day trial periods. There are processes and legal obligations to observe: much of this is built into the software module. But you can rest assured that the software is backed with fast, personalised support from our team at ConsultingHQ to help with HR issues, from beginning to end. So you can keep focused on running your business as usual.

Here’s what’s included in the Employee Issue Management module:

Employee conduct tracker

Employee conduct tracker

Easily check the history of any employee issues, large or small.

Disciplinary issues procedures

Disciplinary issues and procedures

Tackle poor performance, manage misconduct, and deal with more serious breaches while minimising your business risk and avoiding expensive personal grievance cases. Our HR experts at ConsultingHQ will provide you with rapid personalised support, advice, and documentation.

HR performance evaluations

Employee performance management

Including the development of employee performance improvement plans to encourage staff to step up.

Mediation guidance

Mediation guidance

Mediation is a powerful tool, but it needs to be done correctly. Whether it’s conflict resolution between employee and supervisor, or any number of employees having issues with each other. As well as the support provided by the software, ConsultingHQ provides meeting and mediation guidance.

Workflow permanent variations

Disciplinary procedures

You’ll be guided through this, step by step, to ensure that the correct processes are followed.


Change management

Restructuring, redeployment and redundancies need to be handled carefully, and you’ll be supported by our experts at ConsultingHQ. Our experienced HR consultants will work with you to develop a robust business case; plan and prepare the documentation; support your mhvanagers by running the consultation process; and ensure you meet your legal obligations. In the case of restructures, our team will engage with your staff after a restructure to ensure you get the desired outcomes and that your business can improve and thrive as a result of the change.

Dismissals notice

Dismissals and notice of termination of employment

Ensure you meet your contractual obligations when managing terminations to minimise risk and exposure. The ConsultingHQ team is here to support you: and we really have seen it all – everything from misconduct, continued under-performance, drug and alcohol abuse, and more. We’ll deal with terminations fairly and legally, including providing tailored documentation and hands-on support to manage your risk.

90 day trial

Managing 90-day trials

Not all 90-day trials are successful – and the ones that don’t work out need to be handled carefully. The software module guides you through the process, and ConsultingHQ is here to provide further support.

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The tools in EMS Hub will help you navigate the processes around employee issues – but we realise this is a huge area with a high degree of risk associated with it. That’s why the employee issue management module of EMS Hub includes fast, personalised help when you need it. We’re here to take the load off your shoulders – so you can focus on what you do best. Find out more about ConsultingHQ.

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