Employee Retention

Create an appealing employee retention policy to engage your staff

You’ve worked hard to create a great team – the next job is to retain them

Your team’s a valuable business resource that has significant experience, knowledge, and insights into your business. Therefore it makes sense to retain this important know-how – and the way to do that is through creating an attractive employee retention policy

What are the benefits of creating an HR retention policy?

A staff retention policy has many benefits to an organisation:
  • Less disruption due to fewer handovers – and less time spent onboarding replacement staff.
  • Knowledge is retained within the organisation.
  • A more motivated team can lead to significant productivity gains.
  • Improved corporate culture and a happier work environment.

How ConsultingHQ can help with your workforce engagement strategy

The first step is to analyse the current retention levels and staff turnover situation. This allows us to identify how significant the issue is in your business, and also gives us a benchmark to measure against.

Listening to feedback from employees across your organisation is also an important step, as it allows us to analyse employee engagement in the workplace. How we do this will be customised to your business, but is likely to include one-on-one meetings with every employee, as well as staff surveys.

As your employee relations consultancy, we’ll also look at the current HR engagement strategy, which involves reviewing:



Such as job descriptions, which are central to employees understanding their role.


Remuneration structure and levels

Including bonuses and incentives.


How management currently interacts with employees

How open, transparent, and frequent are communication channels?

Pre-employment assessments

Training and development

Does the organisation invest in its staff, and are there opportunities for personal growth, career development, and promotion?


Company culture, vision, and values

Are they engaging and relevant?


Leadership skills

Does the management team have leadership capabilities, to inspire and guide the team?

Mediation guidance

Work/life balance

Are flexible work arrangements in place, or other means that enable employees to more easily juggle various commitments?

Often, some small targeted adjustments can make a measurable difference to team engagement and employee retention. It’s a matter of knowing which tweaks will make the biggest differences – and that’s where our experience and expertise can be invaluable in creating an effective employee retention policy.
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