Streamline your onboarding process for new employees as well as performance and salary reviews

Introducing the foolproof way to meeting documentation and compliance needs - with benchmarking and reporting tools built in.

The requirement for compliance in human resources has never been more complex. But rather than getting bogged down in paperwork, EMS Hub transforms your processes so they’re stress-free, paperless, secure, foolproof – and even provide benchmarking data for strategic planning. And being cloud-based, you can access them from anywhere your business takes you.

Here’s what’s included in the Documentation & Compliance module

Onboarding new employees and generating Employment Agreements:

Templates for offer letters

Templates for offer letters and Employment Agreements

Easy, stress-free employment processes, with up-to-date documents every time. EMS Hub quickly generates documentation tailored to the role and your business for each new employee.


Electronic signatures

Save time – no more printing and scanning.

Database position descriptions

Database of Position Descriptions

Another significant time saver for your HR team, especially when recruiting for newly created roles.


Employee inductions and checklists

Consistent and foolproof induction processes so every employee is off to a great start. You’ll even be able to delegate induction tasks using this module

Taking the stress out of performance and salary reviews – with built-in benchmarking:

Workflow permanent variations

Implement temporary and permanent variations

Relating to remuneration, hours, roles, responsibilities, etc. Keep track of all these changes with signed, up-to-date, real time records and an in-built workflow for approvals. Managers can only access the information that’s relevant to their teams.


Remuneration and performance reviews

Link and streamline these processes, and easily compare roles within your organisations. This module also integrates with most payroll systems to save on admin time and minimise human error.


Benchmarking and reporting

Know how competitive you are in the market; see historical remuneration movements; and compare roles, departments, and levels.

Team communication

Team communication

This module allows effective communication with your teams to ensure they understand their pay review – this is critical in motivating your employees.

Using EMS Hub is easy and saves you time

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Need some hands-on help with compliance management?

The tools in EMS Hub’s documentation and compliance module are designed to save you time, reduce human error, and manage your compliance risk. But if you need personalised help, Consulting HQ is here to support you with your HR compliance needs.

ConsultingHQ can provide you with fully customised company policies and employment agreements, or manage your annual reviews to ensure your business is legally compliant. Find out more about ConsultingHQ.
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