Make the most of any staff resignations with employee offboarding software

Fully automated employee offboarding software covers exit interviews, retaining staff knowledge, and managing risk around confidentiality and restraints of trade.

It’s inevitable that staff leave at some point, so it’s a good idea to be prepared and make sure that any outgoing knowledge is captured. Employee offboarding checklists streamline the process, and you can gain valuable feedback from exit interviews and surveys. The offboarding software allows you to report on and analyse reasons for leaving so you can identify any organisational or cultural issues that need attention.

Here’s what’s included in the Employee Offboarding module:

Templates for offer letters

Central hub for letters and documentation

As soon as the employee resigns, the employee offboarding process is initiated to follow your offboarding policy. The resignation letter is captured, along with the finish date and final pay. Letters can be generated that outline contractual obligations, including confidentiality and restraint of trade. A letter of service can also be generated.


HR offboarding checklists

Tasks and checklists are generated and can be delegated. This covers important items such as returning equipment, returning the company vehicle, security access, logins, handover, return of PPE, client communications, company communications, and handover documentation.

Save admin time

Maximising the employment notice period

By initiating the staff offboarding process promptly, it gives you the maximum possible time to ensure all the knowledge from your employee is captured so that handover documentation can be created. Reports can also be run on the completion status of offboarding tasks so the whole offboarding process can be managed without any last minute glitches.


Exit interviews and surveys

These provide the organisation with valuable feedback, and it can all be done from within the offboarding software. Reports can be quickly accessed to analyse reasons for leaving, and evaluating survey responses. This knowledge can then be used to help ensure the success of new hires.

Using EMS Hub is easy and saves you time

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Need some hands-on help with offboarding an employee?

The tools in EMS Hub’s employee offboarding module are designed to save you time, and maximise the notice period of your outgoing team member. But if you need personalised help, Consulting HQ is here to support you.

ConsultingHQ can provide advice and assistance if you need to help with terminating an employee. Or if you’re baffled by a resignation, we can help you understand why an employee is leaving, and support you in the decision making around any HR or organisational changes that need to be made. Consulting HQ can also help you manage any risk associated with any enforceable contractual arrangements to protect your business operations and customer relationships.

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