Simplify those time-consuming employee record management tasks with cloud-based software

Introducing the easy way to store employee medical records and emergency contacts, as well as managing leave requests and calculations.

HR records management is more complex than ever: as well as storing employee contact details, emergency contact details, copies of visas and passports, and IRD details – many companies now need to manage COVID-19 vaccination data and test results too. Our employee record management system makes this effortless – and also streamlines employee leave management. Your staff can apply for leave online, with notifications sent to managers to approve or decline. Best of all, it even integrates with your payroll system.

Here’s what’s included in the Employee Record Management system:

Employee record management made easys:


Company records

Store all information specific to your business, such as: whether you’re an accredited employer; what the security levels are; locations for sites; and tailored packages, bonus, benefits and policies. There are various levels of access within your team, as well as multi-site management within your organisation

Database position descriptions

Storing employee records

Easily import data to save time, and the Core HR system manages hundreds of documents in a logical way so they’re easy to access.


Secure cloud-based storage

Employee bank account details, IRD details, medical records, and copies of their visa and passport, are all stored with industry-leading encryption – but are available at your fingertips when you need it.

Emergency contact details

Emergency contact details

These are easy to look up and use, should they be needed.

Covid-19 records

COVID-19 records

As well as storing employees’ vaccination status data, vaccination declarations, and test results – you can also run a wealth of reports in seconds. Report on who’s fully vaccinated; who’s unvaccinated; and also create a list of people whose vaccination status is unknown. The software will be continually updated to manage on-going booster shots as needed.

Confidential and compliant

Confidential and compliant

Sensitive employee records are secure and the online employee record management system is compliant with privacy legislation.

You won’t believe how easy employee leave management and payroll management will be:


Employee self-service portal

Your staff can log in to the leave management system, see how much leave they have remaining, and apply for leave online. This helps to keep your team engaged and informed.

easy management-icon

Easy management

Leave requests are sent to managers, who can approve or decline the request online – and even view a leave calendar to help manage staffing levels and rosters.

Payroll integration

Payroll integration

Our leave management software integrates with payroll systems, for a seamless connection between payroll, people and processes.


No more paper

The online leave management system takes care of everything online. Signatures are electronic, and there are no more paper forms. The central information base minimises queries and eliminates double handling and errors.


Timely and accurate information

The system is continually up-to-date, and you can even run reports on leave balances.

Manage absenteeism

Manage absenteeism

You’ll easily be able to run reports on absenteeism issues so you’re able to manage any problems as soon as they arise.

Using EMS Hub is easy and saves you time

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