Case Studies

HR case studies from our clients

You may well identify with some of the case studies – in which case, we’re ready and able to help you too, just contact us!

Please note that whilst these HR case studies with solutions are real situations we have worked through with our clients, we have withheld the names of the companies and individuals. This is because ConsultingHQ respects the privacy of our clients at all times.

Employee Absence

HR Issue: An employee over time began not coming to work at all and was taking a lot of shortened days.

CosultingHQ went to employer’s site to interview the team member – who had been a good employee until the absences began, to understand what is going on what has changed and how they feel about their role moving forward.

Outcome achieved: It was discovered that a fellow employee was bullying in the workplace and the workers felt anxious and scared to attend work. The alleged bullying employee was investigated and subsequently terminated from the place of work. Employee now attends work regularly, no absenteeism issues.

Overwhelmed business owner post Covid

HR Issue: Business owner overwhelmed post-COVID & unable to get clarity on future organisational structure.

The business owner became exhausted post COVID in 2020 and needed help defining the structure for the team to move forward. ConsultingHQ met with team members asking key questions about the business strategy & direction.

In doing so, we were able to understand the business strategy, and assess both skills and identify skill gaps required to move the business to the next level.

Outcome achieved: We made a recommendation for HR Strategy for the next 12 – 24 months, with the first 12 months broken into quarters, each identifying the HR tasks required at each stage to make fluid progress forward.

Too many decision makers in a family owned business

HR Issue: There were some difficult key decisions to be made in succession planning in this family owned business.

ConsultingHQ’s Consultants went to the site to visit all the of the team and identify key members of the business to be able to assist Board with future state organisational chart and decision on the management team structure.

Outcome achieved: ConsultingHQ managed a restructure of the business and ensured all position descriptions and areas of responsibility (decision making etc) were up to date based on most suitable people in the business, assisted newly appointed GM on how to manage change moving forward with regular HR input onsite.

Workplace bullying by an employee

HR Issue: Employee made threatening remarks to supervisor.

The employee had a history of being aggressive and threatening to both management and other employees and on this occasion had been challenged for incorrect timekeeping.

The Employer had not followed the proper process in investigating and determining the appropriate discipline for the employee in any of the previous instances of poor behaviour. The company did not have the HR documentation such as policies and procedure to support the discipline process.

The supervisor had made a police complaint and was reluctant to supervise the employee.

The risk and liability potential: The employer may be unable to dismiss and to do so could result in a significant award in favour of the employee. Including the possibility of the employee returning to the workplace. The alternative is that the employee remains in the workplace and the environment becomes dysfunctional and difficult to control and manage.

Outcome achieved: We supported the employer to implement an immediate exit strategy for the employee in consultation with the employee’s representative. This resulted in a risk-free process that provided for an immediate solution freeing up managers and supervisors to focus on productive activities.

Team Communication

The client’s problem: Management felt morale was low throughout the business and wanted to understand why.

ConsultingHQ’s solution: ConsultingHQ undertook one-to-one interviews with all team members to gain an understanding of their feedback, engagement, satisfaction, and internal areas for improvement.

The outcome: Feedback was provided to management (without disclosing employees’ names) with a report outlining prioritized suggestions for improving morale across the business. Six months later, morale was a lot higher. Staff felt management listened to their feedback and that having a third party involved has improved communication channels.

Restraint of trade

The client’s problem: One of the key team members left and went to the competition, taking clients and staff with them.

ConsultingHQ’s solution: We assessed what risk minimization tools were in place and found there was nothing in place to protect the employer and nothing to deter any employees from doing this again in the future.

Outcome: ConsultingHQ set up the necessary tools for the business and undertook an entire review of their HR documentation. Since doing this we found there were a number of grey areas and loopholes employees could take advantage of and we have now eliminated them. The client has minimized all possible risks of this happening to them again.

Business Process Management for HR Compliance

The client’s problem: The business owner did not have adequate clauses in employment agreements or HR documentation in place to ensure a thorough process was followed that was legally compliant.

ConsultingHQ’s solution: ConsultingHQ undertook a review of all of their documentation and systems and found it was out of date and not suitable based on the growth of the business.

Outcome: All new HR documentation was put into place ensuring that all recruitment and onboarding was thorough, legally compliant and that there was a paper trail in place to protect the business.

Staff is now more engaged and more productive because their employment agreements are detailed and they know what’s expected of them.

KPIs For Sales Growth

The client’s problem: The seven-person sales team was not performing and the business was losing money. The team had become complacent and lacked energy and drive.

ConsultingHQ’s solution: ConsultingHQ spoke to the Sales Manager about reporting documentation and processes in place; how often meetings were being held (team and one-to-one sales meetings); what training was in place; and what sales results incentives were in place.

We found out there were no clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in place, and no weekly activity reports being completed by the team members to hand to the Sales Manager. The team didn’t know what the focus for the quarter was and felt that no one was available to catch up with them regularly as Management was so busy.

We put in place:

Outcome: The team is now motivated, focussed, accountable, and driven to reach sales targets.

Team Morale Problem

The client’s problem: Staff retention was low, morale was down and communication was inconsistent. The HR Manager approached ConsultingHQ to undertake a confidential survey of its 150+ employees.

ConsultingHQ’s solution: After meeting with the Management team and understanding what their concerns were for the team, we created an online employee engagement survey which was distributed to each member of staff and Management. Feedback was received in an anonymous manner, which we were then able to communicate back to Management.

Outcome: Solutions were provided to the client on various areas of concern and 6-monthly surveys are now scheduled until the organization reaches a higher engagement rate. The Management team meets with ConsultingHQ every quarter so we can track their progress and provide solutions on an ongoing basis, to continually increase employee performance.

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