Employers should have conducted annual reviews by now

Annual reviews are usually conducted in September prior to strategic & budget planning for the financial year ahead and for the balance of the current year.

Performance reviews are a requirement for employers – regardless of the situation your business or the national or global economy is faced with.

We recommend that employers follow an established and standard process for conducting performance reviews and this year, more than most, a focus on goals and the achievement of them or progress toward them is required to evaluate performance – obviously taking into account whether or not it was possible for employees to meet expected and agreed goals.

Some employers may even have managed to review goals in place as an interim measure when it became apparent that the year would be non standard.

Having performance review standards in place removes any element of personality related issues from the equation and places the focus entirely upon the performance.

If goals have not been achieved, spend some time drilling into why that may have been and if the goals were in fact reasonable under the circumstances that unfolded. Your employees will be grateful for the opportunity to share their view on how things may have played out differently, share their views in the working from remote and give you valuable insights for your business planning, which inevitably will involve some new situations that have arisen as business challenges recently.

Here are the things that you should cover in your performance reviews: 

  • Review the core competencies required for the specific role and rate the employee on their level and have them rate themselves also to see if you are on the same page.
  • Review goals and subgoals as they were agreed.
  • Review progress toward the goals and if they were achieved, not achieved or partially achieved.
  • Review any roadblocks experienced.
  • Review any specific training requirements or other ways around the roadblocks to ensure they do not continue to hinder progress.
  • Get feedback on support provided to the employee when it was required.
  • Establish new goals and stretch goals for the year ahead.

Your team is your most valuable resource and is also your single greatest outgoing. Ensuring that goal reviews and performance reviews are fair and reasonable will win you respect and loyalty – and may well be the difference between enabling that employee to grow further with your business, or leaving and taking their experience with them.

Another aspect of the annual performance reviews in 2020 may be to review communication processes and assess if you need to put layers in place or introduce new methods of communication for people to be able to function as optimally as possible with away from the office – because the reality of the year ahead is that flexibility will be the new normal.

If you feel you require some assistance with conducting performance reviews this year – or with any aspect of HR, please reach out. Funded options are available through the Regional Business Partner Programme. Our team of HR professionals are available to help you with this and to help with your annual business planning!

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