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To take you from compliance to strategic business growth.

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more time working on your business and fewer employee headaches!


HR Partner is a monthly retainer programme covering all essential elements of effective, compliant HR Management – at a fraction of the cost.

HR Partner not only significantly reduces the risk of employer errors resulting in costly grievances, it also saves significant amounts of time, adds robustness to standard HR Policies and increases employer management effectiveness and confidence – with our full support as required.

HR PARTNER is a progressive HR programme covering every critical aspect of essential HR practices to minimise employee headaches and maximise employee productivity.

In short, you will have access to expert HR advice – without having to employ an HR manager in your team.

The first step is to assess if HR PARTNER is the right fit for your business!

Each level of HR Partner is customised, so the right level of support is provided for employers at each stage of the employment and business journey (and costed appropriately), but is all-inclusive in its own right.


What is involved to get started with HR PARTNER?

The very first step is a consultation, which is absolutely free. During that, if we both feel it’s a good fit, we discuss how the programme would be best implemented in your business. Every client’s programme is tailored to their specific requirements.

What does HR PARTNER include?

HR PARTNER includes all the everyday aspects of running an SME HR Strategy for optimum employee engagement and productivity. The programme is 100% focused on achieving a higher level of growth for your business.

How much does the programme cost?

HR PARTNER is a monthly retainer which is based on the recommended number of hours required for your business, so your monthly overheads remain stable (while your HR dramas reduce) – allowing you to focus increasingly on the strategic path for your business.

Can I just take an ad hoc HR approach?

The HR PARTNER programme is designed as a complete and ongoing management programme for all of your HR needs. Because the programme is customised for your business requirements, you will find that it brings increasing value as you travel through the months, and you will require increasingly less tactical HR input.

When can I get started?

You can get started any time you like – assuming the programme is a good fit for you and that we have places available. Spaces are limited, so please do not delay in making contact if you would like more information.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

You are committed to a minimum of 12 months in the HR PARTNER programme. Most clients do not wish to leave after that period!