strategic HR consulting

the right person in the right seat at the right time

getting your HR strategy right is vital to workforce planning

Your employees are your single greatest outgoing and your single most valuable resource.

Harnessing the potential of your team contributes more to business growth than any other single action for a business owner, yet HR is often left to emergency management.

ConsultingHQ follow a structured process to ensure you have the right HR practices in place for compliance, then the right process for optimisation of employee performance and a company culture where people can thrive.

Strategic HR Consulting Process

Customised HR Consulting

Consulting HQ HR Partner Programme

How ConsultingHQ can help:

  • HR Audit & Recommendations
  • Employment Agreement Review
  • Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Position Descriptions & Key Performance Indicators
  • Organisational Chart
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • New Employee Induction Template
  • Training & Development Plans
  • Leadership & Coaching
  • Remuneration Reviews
  • DISC Profiles
  • Succession Planning & Exit Strategy


We are your external HR department.

Fewer employee headaches and a greater focus on productivity.

We work on retiring the HR Ambulance by installing a high degree of engagement, increasing focus on goals and optimising internal communication and processes. Your team will rapidly become more aligned with your goals and more focused on getting results, without payrises or incentives needing to be put in place! An optimum structure for future business growth with proactive succession planning and training puts you strategically in a much stronger position.

Strategic HR Process

Step One: Review Organisational Strategy

Analyse strategic direction, existing workforce & external labour market.

Step Two: Review Existing Workforce & Processes

Skills & gap assessment v current and future requirements, process analysis for compliance..

Step Three: Workforce Forecasting

Consider workforce & skill requirements for forward planning business growth

Step Four: Develop Strategy & Action Steps

Present and agree on planned steps forward, agree on HR Partner Programme for implementation.

Step Five: Implement Strategies (HR Partner Programme)

Commence strategy roll out with HR Partner Programme to ensure compliance, engagement and productivity remain as high as possible and continued increasing business growth is achieved.

Step Six: Manage, Monitor and Evaluate

Continue monitoring performance and effectiveness, while managing all HR functions externally.

External HR Consulting & Management


what our clients say

We’re in our 3rd year now of using Tanya and her team at Consulting HQ to assist us with all matters pertaining to HR, including employment contracts, procedures and policy manuals, performance management, performance reviews, training opportunities etc.

I’ve always found her services to be professional and understanding of our community needs, which is very important to me. Tanya has been great support through some of the tricky minefields of HR, and not only to me, but also to the Team Managers and in fact and she has built a solid rapport with the whole team – it’s been virtually like having an in-house HR Manager

We follow a structured monthly catch up routine, plus quarterly visits where she will visit our premises and catch up with all the staff one-to-one. She provides frank and honest feedback and guidance which I have found very valuable, and often containing information that I would not have been able to obtain myself directly.

Documentation is managed for us by her team and shared online which works really well too.

Lincoln Thomas, Managing Director Unex Systems

Last year I asked ConsultingHQ to audit the management structure for our company which was undergoing a period of growth.

The ConsultingHQ team looked at the present management structure, interviewed the current managers and also some of the reporting staff, and came up with some very practical suggestions for an improved structure. We have implemented his recommendations and find our management much improved.

During the review we identified a manager that was not in the appropriate role. ConsultingHQ worked with them to assist with aspects of their responsibilities in a very structured and effective manner. When the manager decided to move on, the transition was managed in a mutually beneficial way.

They organised a replacement manager through ConsultingHQ’s sister company RecruitNZ using their knowledge of the company and the role. This process was also handled very satisfactorily.

Biomarine Ltd

Delighted With The Service

After having a couple of failed job placements, I was wary of using another Recruitment company. But after engaging the teams at RecruitNZ and ConsultingHQ I have not looked back!

In combining the HR and Lean Consulting with Tanya and her team at ConsultingHQ, they totally understand how we tick as an organisation and have filled every position successfully to date and found the perfect person for the role every time!

Very professional, helpful trustworthy team that do an exceptional job! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Reuben Beatson – Astro Ltd