Essential tools for people management: performance reviews, training and development, surveys, and health and safety

People management software that lets you proactively manage and report on a wide range of important issues to keep your team motivated.

Your staff are the number one asset in your business. So if you’re looking for business growth, keeping your team safe and also motivated is absolutely critical. However, the reality of record keeping and planning becomes increasingly complex as an organisation grows. That’s where our people management toolkit comes in, to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Here’s what’s included in the People Management Toolkit

Employee performance review tools:

Employee pulse check

Employee Pulse Checks

Gauge staff satisfaction and identify any organisational issues.

HR performance evaluations

Everything you need for HR performance evaluations

The all-in-one toolkit has everything you need for goal setting, KPIs, action plans, annual performance reviews, employee self reviews, manager reviews, and end of year scoring. Including simple rating scales, or a cumulative rating scale. The feedback is in real time, and everything is personalised and tailored to the position descriptions in your business, and the required competencies. With everything set up ready to go, it means you and your team to focus on the discussion, and not the documentation.

Save admin time

Save admin time on your employee performance evaluations

This module in our people management software creates reminders for HR, managers, and employees so that reviews are timely. And because it’s cloud based, it means that your team can collaborate from anywhere in the world.


Reporting tools

The people performance management toolkit lets you check on the completion rate of your employee performance evaluations, plus you can run departmental and organisational rating reports.

Training and development:

Staff training records

Staff training records

As well as keeping all staff training records in one place, you can run reports on the current training by individual, department, and organisation. The people management toolkit tracks the expiry date of certifications and sends reminders before training certificates lapse.

Pre-employment assessments

Learning management

Develop a skills matrix, and match training to current gaps, and create development plans.


Streamline internal processes

The people management toolkit has a built-in approval system, and also keeps track of training costs so you can manage your budget.

90 day trial

90-day trials

90-day check ins are automatically generated, so you can proactively manage your new hires under 90-day trials. 

Employee surveys and HR audits:


Wide range of customisable surveys

The people management toolkit has over 20 surveys to choose from, suitable for HR audits, employee surveys, change management reviews, employee engagement surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, exit interview surveys, and more.

Play with confidence

Plan with confidence

The research-based surveys will give you clear results for decision making that you can access from anywhere, at any time. Responses can be confidential, but all surveys provide detailed reports so HR can make good decisions on the next steps

Health and safety software:

Covid-19 records

Complete central repository for all your health and safety records

This module captures all your critical information, including Health and Safety committee responsibilities, PCBU management, hazard identification and management, infectious disease management, policies and procedures, induction checklists, training manuals, vaccination policies, and drug and alcohol test results.


Health and safety reporting

Easily run reports on all your health and safety issues, including incident reporting, checklist completion, hazard management, and record of meetings for H&S committee.

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The tools in EMS Hub’s people management module are designed to save you time, manage compliance needs, and also provide you with tools to increase staff engagement, skills, and motivation. Consulting HQ is here to provide you with hands-on help in any of those areas.

For example, with template customisation, policy development, training managers on how to conduct reviews, interpreting staff feedback, setting KPIs, developing training plans, providing advice on how to respond to feedback, and so much more. Find out more about ConsultingHQ.
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