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The first step in making the most of our HR consulting services is to ensure that your human resource processes, procedures, and documentation are legally compliant.

Best of all, we’ll do the first part of that free of charge, and obligation free, so you can check out our HR consulting services first hand.

Your Letter of Offer and Individual Employment Agreement is your first formal and legal communication with a new employee – and states the terms of their employment with your business. There are certain legal requirements that must be met by both of these documents.

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Strategic human resources consulting

Once we’ve reviewed your HR processes, procedures, and documentation, our experts can move onto the more strategic elements of HR. That includes:

  • KPI (key performance indicator) reviews
  • Employee pulse checks
  • DISC profiling
  • Employee surveys
  • Workforce planning
  • HR strategy development
  • Succession planning
  • Employee engagement monitor
  • On-site performance reviews and one-on-ones.

Find out more about strategic HR.

You will be fully in charge and totally in the loop while we build structures and accountability systems for your team – always focusing on outputs and key performance indicators.

How are the HR consulting services offered?

Human resources consulting is fully customised for each client, with HR Partner Plans developed around your organisation’s needs.

Whether you’re focused on compliance, or you’re in growth mode and need extra support – or need an experienced, hands-on HR Manager to take care of all your HR needs, let’s talk.

Best of all, HR Partner Plans include access to EMS Hub, our HR software that lets you automate processes, saves time, and helps you stay compliant.

“ConsultingHQ looked at the present management structure, interviewed the current managers and also some of the reporting staff, and came up with some very practical suggestions for an improved structure. We have implemented the recommendations and find our management much improved.

We find ConsultingHQ’s depth of practical experience in managing and advising a variety of companies very valuable in arriving at workable solutions to any problems we encounter.”

– Bio Marine Limited

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Frequently asked questions about our HR consulting services

How can I find out more about the HR Partner Plans?

Please contact us for details, and to see which service level is right for your organisation

Do you do ad hoc, one-off consulting?

Yes, we do, but for maximum value, we recommend on-going human resources consulting. We refer to the one-off problem resolution as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff – the ambulance will inevitably return if the issues are not addressed in a strategic manner.

How much experience does your team have?

Across the full team, we have over 118 years of combined experience in strategic business management, with specialist consultants in various areas including HR, each with 10+ years’ experience. You’re in good hands!

Can I involve my team in the HR process?

Absolutely. We very much encourage a transparent process, including 360-degree reviews. The team that understands each other is the team that’ll stay together, continually becoming stronger. That’s what we do!

Can I upgrade plans after signing up?

Yes, you can. The results you achieve will start to demonstrate how bright your future path may become.

“We’ve used ConsultingHQ’s services for a number of years. This has included strategic HR, staff support and negotiations, recruitment and training, plus lean implementation. We have found ConsultingHQ efficient and professional, and provide valuable support not only to management but also for all our valued staff. They have a helpful and engaging approach that inspires and motivates personnel in whichever role they fill.”

– Laughton Brodie, Ceratelle Marketing

Is HR consulting right for your business?

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