Human Resources Risk Management

Risk management in HR is all about keeping you on the right side of the law

Don’t get caught out by legislation, compliance, and health and safety concerns.

Every area of your organisation faces risk of some kind. At ConsultingHQ, we recognise that you just want to get on with the business of running your business. So our team of experts is here to guide you through the intricacies of HR and risk management.

What is human resource risk management?

Human resource risk management covers every area of your organisation. Here are just some of the considerations:

Business activity
Potential HR risk HR considerations
Recruitment Position descriptions Are they accurate and legally compliant?
Discrimination Were proper screening procedures followed?
Reference checking Are managers aware of questions that can be asked – and what can’t be asked?
90-day trial periods Are processes initiated correctly at the outset?
Staff lacking in skills Are on-the-job assessments used?
HR documentation Employment agreements Are these personalised, detailed, and signed?
Performance reviews Are these carried out consistently and on time?
Onboarding processes Is there a suitable policies and procedures manual?
Training and certification Is certification kept up-to-date?
Health and safety Working conditions Are safe working conditions provided? Are safety checks carried out regularly?
PPE use Is appropriate PPE issued? Is it being used correctly?
Personal injury Is proper training provided? Are health and safety logs updated regularly? Are safety meetings held regularly?
Restructures and
Disciplinary procedures Are the correct, legal procedures followed? Are managers trained?
Mediation Are managers trained in conflict resolution?
Change management Are managers up to date on the latest legal obligations around restructuring, redeployment, and redundancies?
Dismissals Are managers aware of contractual obligations when managing terminations?
Drug and alcohol abuseAre managers trained in how to deal with staff misconduct?
Harassment Are managers trained in how to deal with harassment issues?
Disciplinary procedures Are managers aware of the current and correct processes to follow?
Reputation management How will your organisation continue to uphold a good reputation should an employee have a public grievance?
OffboardingContractual obligations Are employees and managers aware of their contractual obligations?
Intellectual property What processes are in place to protect your company’s IP?
Security breaches How is online/electronic data secured? How are passwords and logins managed?

Every single one of these areas exposes your organisation to costly and image-damaging litigation risk.

To minimise that risk, call on our team of experts in HR and risk management.

How ConsultingHQ can help with your human resources risk management

A discussion with one of our experienced consultants about your immediate situation will reveal the priority areas to be worked on to minimise HR risks.

Correct processes need to be followed at every step of the employment journey. But often employers aren’t aware of current requirements – plus the regulations and laws continually change and become more complex. In most cases, business owners and managers are too busy to stay on top of these issues.

Outsourcing your human resources risk management will be a valuable investment in your business – and will help your business be more efficient. Giving you time to focus on growing your business.

Find out how we can help you: simply send us your details, and you’ll hear from one of our friendly HR advisors within 1 to 2 business days.