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Profoundly positive experience

Working with People Inc has been a profoundly positive experience from the very outset. Right from our initial interactions, their solution-focused approach was readily apparent, as they promptly responded to all our inquiries with a sense of urgency and attentiveness. Throughout our collaboration, their dedication to providing professional advice and strategic guidance was evident, empowering us to make well-informed decisions that aligned with our company’s goals and values.

What truly distinguishes People Inc is their relentless commitment to ensuring the successful conclusion of projects. It is evident that they genuinely care about our company’s progress and prosperity, going the extra mile to steer each endeavour towards a successful outcome.

We have partnered with People Inc for national recruitment, migrant recruitment, immigration services, and on-going HR consulting.

Without reservation, we wholeheartedly endorse People Inc to any business seeking a partner that epitomizes reliability, excellence, and professionalism. Their exceptional service consistently surpasses expectations, making them a standout choice in the industry. Partnering with People Inc has proven to be a wise and rewarding decision, and we look forward to many more successful ventures with them in the future.

Nick Suckling, Shade Systems

ConsultingHQ is quick to identify problems and suggest solutions

“ECP decided to contract out our HR after 20 years in business. We now have our own dedicated HR professional at ConsultingHQ looking after our HR needs.

I’ve found that the advice and hands-on support have helped free up my time as a Director. Plus I can rest easy with the knowledge that all employment documents and other legalities are taken care of by a true professional

Best of all, ConsultingHQ has a marvellous relationship with our staff, and are quick to identify problems and suggest solutions.”

Tony Masters, Director - ECP

ConsultingHQ has become part of our business

“ConsultingHQ has transformed the entire landscape of Powerpac’s HR management. They have provided us with confidence and assurance in every decision and action taken. This has changed our perspective of HR management in that we now see the value in being proactive, and work to keep ahead of the curve.

ConsultingHQ has become part of our business through getting close in and connecting with each team member. ConsultingHQ isn’t just a consultant or sub-contractor, but a confident, mentor and a partner in our business.”

Patrick Suckling, General Manager - Powerpac Group

Gave us a clear vision of where we want to be

“Sometimes we get so busy with the day to day running of our businesses that we lose sight of the importance of the HR function.

We had People Inc undertake a full HR Review of our business and then worked with us to develop a long-term strategy and action plan. The result of the review gave us a clear vision of where we want to be in 12 - 24 months and how to get there.

And it doesn’t end there, their support is ongoing, they hold us accountable and celebrate our successes as well.”

Tim Baker, Sales and Marketing Manager - APS Group NZ Ltd

Moved the dial on HR best practices

“Being a remote Northland business, attracting qualified HR support can be challenging.

ConsultingHQ works with businesses all over NZ providing tailored HR outsourced solutions.

For us, this means monthly onsite visits, training for our team leaders, coaching for our management team, and access to HR advice any time we need it.

Their experienced team has applied themselves to know our team and business objectives well, have been able to support us through challenging COVID-19 periods, and genuinely care about our continued business success. Our combined focus on better HR practices and processes has supported on-going improvements to hiring, developing, and engaging our staff.

Engaging with ConsultingHQ has meant we have not only have moved the dial on HR best practices but also enhanced both our employment relationships and company culture with our staff.”

Mervyn Simpkin, Director - Compac Furniture

Very good understanding of our business culture

“ConsultingHQ has assisted Furtex with HR services for a number of years now.

They assist with HR issues that arise from time to time, including employment agreements, and are always available to help as required with advice. We have also used the recruitment services at RecruitNZ.

ConsultingHQ comes on-site to our premises to conduct annual performance reviews for the team, which means they have a clear understanding of our business requirements and our strategy.

I feel we have fewer HR issues arising as a result of structured annual performance reviews - we run on a “no surprises” policy. One point that is very important to Furtex is that they have a very good understanding of our business culture and helps us to ensure that this culture is maintained.

ConsultingHQ has always been available as an honest, proactive sounding board for me and my management team on HR and management issues.”

Ben Heath, Managing Director - Furtex

It’s like having in-house HR for us

“We’re in our third year now of using Consulting HQ to assist us with all matters pertaining to HR, including employment contracts, procedures and policy manuals, performance management, performance reviews, training opportunities, etc.

I’ve always found their services to be professional and understanding of our community’s needs, which is very important to me. They have been a great support through some of the tricky minefields of HR, not only to me but also to the Team Managers. ConsultingHQ has built a solid rapport with the whole team – it’s been virtually like having an in-house HR Manager.

We follow a structured monthly catch-up routine, plus quarterly visits where they will visit our premises and catch up with all the staff one-to-one. They provide frank and honest feedback and guidance that I have found very valuable and often contains information that I would not have been able to obtain myself directly.

Documentation is managed for us by the team and shared online, which works really well too.”

Lincoln Thomas, Managing Director - Unex Systems

Management structure review

“Last year I asked ConsultingHQ to audit the management structure for our company that was undergoing a period of growth.

The ConsultingHQ team looked at the present management structure, interviewed the current managers and also some of the reporting staff, and came up with some very practical suggestions for an improved structure. We have implemented the recommendations and find our management much improved.

During the review, we identified a manager who was not in the appropriate role. ConsultingHQ worked with them to assist with aspects of their responsibilities in a very structured and effective manner. When the manager decided to move on, the transition was managed in a mutually beneficial way.

They organised a replacement manager through ConsultingHQ’s sister company RecruitNZ using their knowledge of the company and the role. This process was also handled very satisfactorily.”

Biomarine Ltd

Thank you so much

“Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into updating our agreement and policies etc., and all so efficiently!”

Deborah Cargill - Urban Group

Knowledge and skills are invaluable

“Autotransform has worked with ConsultingHQ over an extended period and has found the knowledge and skills invaluable.

ConsultingHQ’s services have been very helpful in areas of HR and lean manufacturing expertise.”

Kelvin Stanners, Director - Autotransform

Strategic HR, staff support, and negotiations

“Our company group, Ceratelle Marketing, and Fasteners Direct Global Ltd, has used the services of ConsultingHQ over a number of years.

We have ConsultingHQ efficient and professional, providing valuable support and challenging quality not only to management but also for all our valued staff.

They have a helpful and engaging approach that inspires and motivates personnel in whichever role they fill.”

Laughton Brodie - Ceratelle Marketing and Fasteners Direct Global Ltd

Consultant for HR and Lean management initiatives

“Provided us with the methodology and systems to further develop and engage our team. They have also assisted us in employment matters and their knowledge and approach have resulted in positive outcomes for the business.

They have a helpful and supportive approach and communicate well across all levels in the business.”

Steve Foster, Director - Gas and Tyre Limited

Delighted with the service

“After having a couple of failed job placements, I was wary of using another recruitment company. But after engaging the teams at RecruitNZ and ConsultingHQ I have not looked back!

In combining the HR consulting and lean consulting with ConsultingHQ, they totally understand how we tick as an organisation and have filled every position successfully to date and found the perfect person for the role every time!

Very professional, helpful trustworthy team that does an exceptional job!

Would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Reuben Beatson - Astro Ltd

High level of professionalism and structure

“We have been partnering with ConsultingHQ for a few years now and their team has brought a high level of professionalism and structure to the HR function in our business.

The value that they add as an HR consulting partner has helped our business develop and execute a proactive HR strategy while providing frequent support to our teams. The consistency of service, level of expertise, and accessibility has meant the provision of an outsourced HR function has been just like having someone in-house, but with much greater cost efficiency.

If you are looking for an outsourced HR partner to understand your business drivers, help you better engage your staff, and who genuinely cares, then look no further.”

Josh Hamilton, General Manager - AFS

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