Building a business structure for future growth is challenging. It takes single-minded focus on strategic goals

So many business owners limit their own potential by not transitioning from being the go-to guy making all the decisions, to becoming the leader and director of the business.
Without this mindset change, growth becomes more difficult.
Leadership is founded on remaining focused on outcomes.
The challenge for the leader is to guide other people to build stepping stones toward the milestones that measure progress, within the desired timeframes – without stepping in and taking over.
The true issue is that many business owners find it very difficult to let go of the details – they feel that only their decision could be the right one, but in reality, it is almost impossible to maintain strategic focus while also being detail focused.

There’s no other way to grow a business than to become leadership focused

The leader places his or her focus on resolving roadblocks and inspiring the team – working on the business more than working in it.
The main reason so many clever entrepreneurs make lousy leaders are that they like to own all the decisions and micro manage relatively skilled people, they like to shift the focus for the goals and they become impatient quickly with people who don’t keep up. Teams find this very confusing and destabilising, so if this is you, find a business coach who will lead your leadership and keep you in check – or sell your ready-to-scale business so that someone else with the qualities of a leader rather than a creator can move it forward.
Sometimes it is difficult to transition into a leadership role – but it’s a shift that must be made for the business to be scaled.

Leadership requires full commitment to the goals – at strategic level and to empowering others

For leaders to become truly effective in a business they must commit to the following:

  • Empower team leaders to make decisions day to day
  • Inspire the team to get results
  • Be positive, consultative and communicative
  • Make key & strategic decisions for the team as they require
  • Focus on performance outcomes and results
  • Maintain unwavering focus on the goals

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