AEWV Accreditation Requires Commitment to Training & Developing New Zealanders

Skill shortages are at a critical point in New Zealand, so what do you have to do to finally recruit skilled workers from overseas?

Extended border closure has resulted in skilled workers already in NZ being in very hot demand – in what has become a cut-throat market

With the borders being closed for over two years now, the war for talent is more competitive than ever before. Skilled and experienced workers are being shoulder tapped and headhunted throughout New Zealand.

Skilled employee retention is a challenge especially when recruitment is increasingly difficult, and the border still closed for a few months to come.

Training and development of the skills for the New Zealand workforce is seen as the best long-term solution to the skills shortages we are facing

Training & Development has become a very important part of the 2022 accreditation process

In your accreditation application, you must demonstrate that you are committed to the training and development of New Zealanders, or skills obtained in the local market – and that you will not be dependent on skilled migrant workers alone.
This could include showing that you have enrolled your non work visa employees in specific industry training programs, apprenticeships or have been running training and upskilling within your own business internal development programs, using reputable and recognised training providers.

What evidence of training is required?

  • Information showing the breakdown of your existing workforce by citizenship/residency status.
  • Invoices for any training programs provided by an external training organization.
  • Evidence of certifications from participating in training.
  • The attendance record and the overview or summary of any internal training programs run within your business.

Accreditation applications open on 23 May 2022. If you do not yet have training & development plans in place for your employees, you will need to consider creating a training plan and showing demonstratable evidence of your future commitment to invest in developing the employees you have.

Examples of suitable training regimens would be industry certification courses or apprenticeships.

Out team can help with this – and with any aspect of accreditation. This is an area of specific interest for ConsultingHQ. Our other businesses, RecruitNZ and VisaAide can assist with other aspects of Employer Accreditation and application for AEWV once you are accredited, while RecruitNZ has a dedicated, focused team working in the area of international skilled worker recruitment.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business.