Strategic Human Resource Management Services, customised to your business requirements.

Expert consulting services across all aspects of HR Management.

All HR management programmes commence with us getting to know you and your business requirements.

We offer a free consultation to assess where you are currently at with your business, and how we could help.

Tanya Gray

Tanya Gray

Director & HR Consultant

Services Provided:

  • Evaluate, create or re-create Organisational Chart.
  • Create Position Descriptions for all departments in your business.
  • Create Accountability Sheets for all departments in your business.
  • Conduct quarterly one to ones.
  • Conduct a gap analysis and undertake workforce planning based on strategic goals of business.
  • Undertake DISC profiles for all members of staff.
  • One to One coaching and training.
  • Performance and Salary Reviews
  • Create approval matrix template for all levels of business.
  • Create department-specific performance development review process.
  • Undertake and advise on salary reviews based on market rates including employee benefits.
  • Undertake online staff survey of engagement levels and receive statistics on staff feedback.
  • Employer support services.
  • Review Individual Employment Agreements and Letter of Offer (see free offer on this service)
  • Create Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Create induction plan template¬†and new employee checklists.
  • Undertake an audit of all hard copy employee documentation as required by IRD.
  • Analyse payroll reports including sick and annual leave entitlements.