Five Reasons To Outsource to an HR Consultant

Every business owner thinks their business is unique – and to a point, it is – the people in the business make it unique more than the nature of the business itself.

How you manage and guide those people in building your future business is where HR processes come into play

Often HR is misunderstood as being a process for moving out employees who are not performing at the level you would like them to. It is true that performance management is one key aspect of HR Management. However, with superior HR practices in place, you will find that not as much ‘exiting’ is required – and more ‘moving up’ happens in your team. You retain not just the people, but a higher level of valuable experience builds within the team – becoming less reliant on the owner for day to day management.

In reality, in its purest sense, HR Management and HR Strategy are focused on driving business growth through the growth and development of your employees, so you can run your business strategically – without also having to manage every aspect of it.

HR reduces the requirement of performance management

Employee performance management is an ongoing process – establishing performance measurement goals and reviewing the performance on a regular basis. Employees excel in an environment where they are clear on what is expected of them, they have the tools and the training to be successful and that their success will be appreciated & rewarded.

While the process of goal setting and performance review can be done between employee and business owner or manager, this process is often best outsourced, as obstacles to success can be flagged and escalated directly to the required level. Employees are often more open to an external partner than they may be to a business owner.

HR retains employees longer

Employees who feel valued will stay longer and try harder. It is human nature to try to please – and this becomes much easier to achieve with positive HR in place – often the opportunity to grow as the business grows in its own right will retain an employee for longer. HR processes enable a vision to the possible shape of that future for employees.

HR gets people hitting higher performance levels

Training & development planning is very much part of your HR strategy – and integral to business growth not just for your existing business, but for your future business. External HR partners are concerned with the future of your business resource requirements as much as the present.

HR builds stronger, inter-reliant bonded teams

The process of creating skilled teams with clear processes and communication channels develops an inter-relationship and spirit of co-operation. A key part of team development is to enable a common understanding of each other’s roles, personalities and communication styles. Facilitation of this environment is an expert HR function that brings people together, united in a common cause – the development of your business.

HR ensures processes and procedures are compliant

Business owners also need to ensure that all procedures are compliant – changes to the ERA in 2019 mean that union representatives may enter premises to inspect aspects of HR process without the approval of the business owner. Having orderly and correct HR documentation is a minimum requirement for businesses with employees from a legal standpoint, but is also the very foundation to build positive processes for higher HR functions.

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