Outplacement & Employee Deployment

Reduce the stress and burden of restructures and redundancy for both employer & employee.

Restructuring is never easy. However, being unclear with your process or your communication makes it even more difficult for your team.

Restructuring with a view to downsize takes courage and can cause disruption if not managed professionally.

ConsultingHQ Consultants can help your leaders and managers prepare for some potentially difficult conversations.

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is the process of assisting a disestablished employee in the process of adjusting and finding new employment.

The restructuring process is greatly assisted by correct, positive outplacement processes – the employee is able to feel supported and confidently apply for new positions.

Disestablished employees feel more confident in applying & interviewing for new roles, while team members impacted by disestablishment in their team are able to cope more easily,

Outplacement can include:
  • Assistance with CV preparation.
  • Assistance with interview preparation.
  • Career councelling.
  • Mindset Coaching.
  • Time off work for attending interviews.

Employees who are managed through structured outplacement processes generally are placed in new roles more quickly.

How ConsultingHQ Can Help

The single most important factor is to follow a correct and compliant process, while also showing compassion and caring for the wellbeing of disestablished employees.

Often this is made easier by outsourcing the process management and communication – thus also reducing the risk of personal grievance on compliance related issues.

Ways in which our Consultants can assist:
  • Expert guidance on compliance.
  • Leadership coaching.
  • Workforce Planning.
  • Gap and overlap analysis.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Communications to affected employees.
  • Communications to unaffected employees.